AllFusion Endevor Change Manager for Software Developers

This course introduces and explains the Computer Associates' change management product, AllFusion Endevor, from the perspective of the software developer.
The course contains numerous practical exercises that will reinforce the formal classroom tuition.

This course is only available for one-company, on-site presentations.


On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the concepts of AllFusion Endevor
  • use AllFusion Endevor in a z/OS environment.

Who Should Attend

Software developers and others who need to understand the CA product AllFusion Endevor.


The ability to use TSO/ISPF and whilst not essential, some knowledge of a programming language would be an advantage.


2 days

Fee (per attendee)

£900 (ex VAT)

Course Code




What is ENDEVOR?; Library management; The software life cycle Without ENDEVOR; Basic life cycle with ENDEVOR; Evolution of ENDEVOR; Data set names; Inventory management; ENDEVOR's inventory structure; Element; Source management; ADD/UPDATE; MOVE; Output management; Footprint; CCID; PDM; Automated Configuration Manager; Practical exercise.

Foreground Processing

ENDEVOR options menu; Environment selection; Primary options menu; Display options menu; ENDEVOR actions: RETRIEVE, ADD/UPDATE, MOVE, GENERATE, DELETE, Perform actions using CCID; Practical exercise.

Batch Processing

The Batch Options Menu; The SCL Generation; Retrieve Elements; SCL Job Submission; The Generated SCL; ADD/UPDATE; View created SCL; SUBMIT batch request; MOVE action; Errors from ENDEVOR; Warnings from ENDEVOR; Footprint Listing; Practical exercise.

Quick Edit

Entering Quick-Edit; View/change User Defaults(D); View/Change Action Options(AO); Navigating Endevor; Creating a new program in Endevor (CR); Browsing(B); Browsing the Summary; Browse session Display; Accessing Changes between Change Levels; H History; Editing; The Master Display(M); List Outputs Option(LL); List Outputs Option(LO); Component List Element Options(BX); Moving an Element(O); Deleting an Element(#); Practical exercise.


Introduction; Create a package; Adding to a package; Building a package; Casting a package; Submitting; Master Control File Information; Migration; Shipping.

Parallel Development Manager

Introduction; Building the WIP file; Reporting; Editing; Merging.

Impact Analysis (ACM)

Software Configuration Management; ENDEVOR ACM; Viewing the components list; ACM Query (ACMQ); Execution; Panels; Primary Panel; Practical exercise.

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