CICS TS V5 New Features & Facilities

This course explains the new functionality and enhancements available with both CICS TS V4 and V5. The class will provide attendees with the ability to enable the exploitation of many new features, including Event Processing, Atom feeds, Service Component Architecture support, CICS Bundle, Resource Signatures, CICS Explorer and Transaction Routing over TCP/IP. The Architectural enhancements supported by CICS TS V5 will also be introduced and discussed. Many of the enhancements at CICS TS V5 extend and expand on the functionality introduced at CICS TS V4.

This course is available for one-company, on-site presentations.

Classroom dates (High Wycombe) - click to book!

25 March 2019

Virtual Classroom Environment dates - click to book!

25 February 2019

What is a 'Virtual Classroom Environment'?


What do I need?

  • webcam
  • headphones with microphone
  • sufficient bandwidth, at least 1.5 Mb/s in each direction.


On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • describe and exploit CICS Event Processing & exploit Atom feeds
  • describe the 64-bit use enhancements
  • utilize Resource Signatures
  • understand and use the CICS Explorer
  • describe and exploit Transaction Routing (TR) over IPIC
  • describe and exploit the 'Optimized' CICS TS System Manager CPSM) WLM and the new WLM selection algorithms
  • understand the Web Services assistants' enhanced data mappings and optional interoperability with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)
  • describe and exploit the new SPI command set equivalent to CEDA and DFHCSDUP
  • list ancillary changes such as IPv6 support and new objects such as MQCONN, ATOMSERVICE, BUNDLE, EPADAPT, etc.
  • prepare for migration and the implications of Persistent Session support changes; exploitation of z/OS XML System Services parser and zAAP engine offload; new and changed RDO objects/attributes and SIT parm changes.

Who Should Attend

CICS systems and applications technicians.


Experience of working in a CICS environment.


3 days

Fee (per attendee)

£2540 (ex VAT)

Course Code




For this release, IBM has adopted the themes COMPETE, COMPLY and CONTROL. These themes will be followed as closely as possible.

Event Processing

What are business events? How are Events defined? How are Events created and consumed?

Atom Feeds

What are Atom feeds? What needs to be defined in CICS for Atom feeds? What are they used for?

Service Component Architecture (SCA) and CICS BUNDLEs

What is SCA? What are BUNDLEs and what are they used for?

CICS XML Assistant Data Mappings

The CICS XML Assistant is a set of batch utilities which help in the transformation of XML into high level language structures and vice versa and more.

WS Addressing

What is WS-Addressing? How can WS Addressing be used?

Resource Signatures

What are Resource signatures? How and why can I use them?

Web Services Assistants

See what has changes in Web Services Assistant and how this can be used.

CICS Explorer

See how the CICS Explorer can now be used to manage CICS resources and how it relates to many other functions such as Event Processing.

Transaction Routing, START/CANCEL over TCPIP

Transaction Routing and function shipping START and CANCEL commands over IPIC connections.

CICS Management Client Interface (CMCI)

What is CMCI? What are REpresentational State Transfer (RESTful) principles?

New SPI Command Level for RDO Objects

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