CICS Transaction Server Operations in Z Systems Environments

This one-day course introduces and describes CICS Transaction Server from a Z Systems operational perspective. The couse explains the concepts of CICS and its associated terminology. The daily CICS tasks, as carried out in an operations department, are described clearly and sequentially.

This course is available 'on demand' (minimum 2 students) for public presentations and for one-company, on-site presentations.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the basic concepts and facilities of CICS/TS
  • understand and use CICS terminology
  • trace and describe the flow of a CICS transaction
  • explain thr Master Tranaction
  • describe MRO and ISC
  • start and shiutdown CICS
  • understand the implications of Recovery/Restart.

Who Should Attend

Operations personnel.


A conceptual-level understanding of the Z Systems operations environment.


1 day

Fee (per attendee)

£650 (ex VAT)


This includes free online 24/7 access to course notes.


Hard copy course notes are available on request from

at £50.00 plus carriage per set.

Course Code



Introduction to CICS

CICS Transaction Server; What is CICS?; CICS terminology; What is a business transaction?; What is a CICS task /CICS transaction?; What is a CICS program?; CICS characteristics; On-line processing; IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS; Workload management; Access to CICS.

CICS Architecture

CICS organisation; Starting a CICS Region; Starting a transaction: Logging on, Message Input; Transaction validation; Program loading; Task execution; Program execution; Task Termination; Multi-tasking and multi-threading; The CICS Dispatcher; Multiple TCBs; Domains and components.

The Master Transaction CEMT

The functions of CEMT; CEMT Inquire menu; CEMT Inquire system; CEMT generic input; Inquiring on a resource specifying a property; Discarding a resource; CEMT I TASK.

Resource Definition

CICS resources; Resource Definition On-line (RDO); The CICS System Definition File CSD; The CICS Global Catalog; RDO Groups and Lists; Resource definition; Adding a GROUP to a LIST; The CSD Utility Program DFHCSDUP; Auto-installation of resources; Program Autoinstall; Terminal Autoinstall.

File Access

CICS file control; The file definition; EXEC CICS file commands; Programming for file errors; Shared Data Tables.

CICS and External Resource Managers

CICS and DB2; CICS and IMS/DB (DL/1); CICS and Websphere Message Queuing Series (WMQ).

CICS Queuing Facilities

Transient Data; INTRAPARTITION Queues; EXTRAPARTITION Queues; INDIRECT Queues; The CICS Supplied TD Queue definitions; Temporary Storage; The Temporary Storage Browse Transaction; Using CEBR.

CICS Intersystem Communication

Introduction to Inter System Communications; Multi Region Operation (MRO); Inter Systems Communication (ISC); Inter System Communication over SNA; Intercommunication Using IP Interconnectivity; Transaction Routing; Function Shipping; Static Transaction Routing; Dynamic Transaction Routing with Cloned AORs; Distributed Program Link (DPL); Asynchronous processing; Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP); External CICS Interface (EXCI).

CICS Storage

The CICS Region; Dynamic Storage Areas; Start-up Operands in the SIT; Subsystem Storage Protection; Transaction isolation.

Startup & Shutdown

CICS Initial and Cold Start; START=INITIAL; START=COLD; START=AUTO; Normal Shutdown; First Quiesce Stage; Second Quiesce Stage; Third Quiesce Stage.

Logging and Recovery/Restart

Concept of Data Integrity; Recoverable Resources; Defining the CICS System Log; Recovery After a Failure.

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