GDPS Introduced and Explained

This one-day overview introduces and explains GDPS (Geographical Dispersed Parallel Sysplex) at a conceptual and terminological level. The concepts and capabilities of GDPS are fully explained, and the course will ensure that attendees clearly understand what GDPS brings to a mainframe environment, including the provision of continuous availabilty, zero downtime and robust disaster recovery.

This course is available 'on demand' (minimum 2 students) for public presentations or for exclusive one-company presentations. It is also available live, over the Internet, via RSM's Virtual Classroom Environment service.

The next step

For technical personnel who will be responsible for setting up and running a GDPS environment, we recommend your organisation arranges an on-site GDPS Installation & Customisation Workshop.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • explain the benefits of GDPS
  • describe the infrastructure of GDPS
  • list the principal features of GDPS, including GDPS/PPRC, the Hyperswap Manager, XRC, Global Mirror and Metro Mirror
  • explain GDPS/MGM and GDPS/Active Active
  • identify the important aspects of managing a GDPS environment.

Who Should Attend

The course is appropriate for all those whose work brings them into contact with GDPS, including managers, systems programmers, storage personnel, operations personnel and all support staff.


Familiarity with the concets of the parallel sysplex, which can be gained by attending the course Parallel Sysplex Concepts and Facilities.


1 day

Fee (per attendee)

£600 (ex VAT)

Course Code



Why do we need GDPS?

The Infrastructure of GDPS

System Automation


GDPS/PPRC Hyperswap Manager


GDPS/Global Mirror

GDPS/Metro Mirror


GDPS/Active Active

Managing a GDPS Environment

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