Identity & Access Management (IAM) Overview

This course introduces and explains the concepts and terminology of Identity and Access Management (IAM). For any enterprise, the implementation of a robust set of IAM controls and procedures is necessary in order to meet the needs of both corporate security and compliance. The course provides a clear introduction to IAM, and is ideal for anyone who is involved with IAM, from user provisioning and access management to auditing personnel.

This course is available for exclusive, one-company presentations, either on-site or via RSM's Virtual Classroom Environment service.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • describe Identity and Access Management (IAM) concepts
  • explain how IAM supports your organisation's objectives, compliance with corporate security policy and regulatory requirements
  • understand the need for identity governance
  • understand basic principles of User Provisioning and Access Management
  • describe the lifecycle for IAM
  • understand what a joiner's, mover's and leaver's (JML) process involves
  • understand recertification concepts
  • understand Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • understand the principles of least privilege and separation of duties (SoD)
  • describe privileged users and privileged/sensitive access
  • understand high level design concepts for role and access management
  • understand provisioning techniques from manual to automation
  • understand identification and authentication services, such as Multi-Factor Authentication, single sign-on
  • describe what tools and software products are available in the marketplace
  • understand what frameworks are available to support your IAM implementation
  • describe current trends in IAM.

Who Should Attend

The course is suitable for security administrators, security analysts, cyber security professionals, security managers and anyone else who needs to gain an understanding of IAM concepts and terminology.


Attendees should have a clear understanding of user provisioning and security administration concepts.


1 day

Fee (per attendee)

£600 (ex VAT)

Course Code




What is Identity & Access Management (IAM); the need for IAM; how IAM supports business objectives, security and regulatory requirements; what and who are typically involved with IAM; what are the various components of IAM.

Basic Principles

What is user and access provisioning; the lifecycle of IAM; why you need identity governance; overview of joiners, movers, leavers and what you need to consider; overview of identity and access recertification and who is responsible for what; centralised or decentralised provisioning.

Managing Identities and Access

What is role based access controls (RBAC); what does least privileged mean; the need for separation of duties and when it might apply; what are privileged users and how these should be managed; what is privileged / sensitive access; manual vs automated provisioning; identity and authentication services; operations and monitoring.

Identity and Access Management - the Environment

What platforms, systems, applications, devices might be in-scope; what components are required; in the cloud or on-prem; who is typically involved; who deals with what; high level design concepts and considerations for successful role and access management.

Offerings and Frameworks

Vendors, their offerings and capabilities in the IAM space; IAM frameworks.

Industry Trends

A look at current trends and how organisations are typically implementing IAM today.

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