IMS Security

Effective and efficient database security is an essential in all organisations. This course, taught by experienced IMS specialists, introduces and explains how to implement RACF with IMS.
This course is available for one-company presentations, live over the Internet, via RSM's Virtual Classroom Environment service.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • identify the IMS resources that must be protected
  • iIdentify the types of security facilities available for each resource
  • develop a plan to implement security on your IMS systems
  • identify the tasks required in IMS and RACF to implement security
  • implement security for each resource using an appropriate security facility
  • code the security definitions in IMS and RACF to protect transactions, commands, data, dependent regions, Program Specification Blocks (PSB), terminals and other resources.

Who Should Attend

Security administrators and IMS systems programmers.


A conceptual and terminological understsnding of both IMS and RACF. This skills can be gained by attendand on the courses IMS Essentials and Understanding RACF.


4 days

Fee (per attendee)



This includes free online 24/7 access to course notes.


Hard copy course notes are available on request from

at £50.00 plus carriage per set.

Course Code



Introduction to IMS Security

IMS Security Facilities

IMS Security Options

Introduction to RACF

User ID and Sign On Verification

Securing the IMS Control Region

IMS Transaction Security

IMS Command Security

Security for Time Controlled Operations

IMS Resource Access Security (RAS)

IMS Database Security

MS Dataset Security

Common Service Layer Security

Security in an IMS Database Control Environment

IMS and Db2 Security

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