J2EE: Building Web Applications with Servlets & JSPs

This course is the first part of the series Building Web Applications with Java. As well as the theoretical foundations, live exercises are provided. There is also time allocated to implement the theory in practical exercises.

This course is available for one-company, on-site presentations.


On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • list the different architectures for web applications
  • develop web applications with Java with access to relational databases
  • prepare the user interface to connect with the server functions using servlets and Java Server Pages
  • structure and efficiently debug these web application using the IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • prepare web application for the generation process and execution in the user environment

Who Should Attend

Application programmers who are going to develop web applications using Java.


A thorough knowledge of Java, and familiarity with Internet concepts is required. Some familiarity with HTML is an advantage.


3 days

Fee (per attendee)


Course Code



User interfaces: Java applets

HTML; Java applets.

Server programming

Java servlets; JavaServer Pages

Integration with Java beans

Standard JSP actions

Web architectures

Model - view - controller; session tracking.

Use & creation of custom tags & the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

Use & creation of filter servlets

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