Jackson Structured Programming

This is an intensely practical five-day course, which provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to use the Jackson Structured Programming methodology to design and evaluate program solutions before coding, thereby reducing the time spent examining, testing and correcting completed code.

This course is available 'on demand' (minimum 2 students) for public presentations or for one-company, on-site presentations.


On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • recognise and describe the concepts, stages and functions of the Jackson Structured Programming methodology
  • use the Jackson Structured Programming methodology effectively to design logical program solutions
  • design and apply test data to the chosen design
  • convert the solution design accurately into program code.

Who Should Attend

Both new and experienced programmers.


An understanding of the applications programming environment.


5 days

Fee (per attendee)


Course Code



Introduction to the Jackson Structured Programming methodology

Benefits of the methodology; using data as the starting point.

The components of files

Sequence; selection; iteration; elementary.

Drawing data structure diagrams

Physical Data Structures; Logical Data Structures.

Data structures and correspondences

Producing a program structure

Elementaries and conditions

Schematic logic

Collating problems

Processing two sequential files simultaneously.

Random access and database structures

Conducting a walk-through

Testing programs

Using data to test the structure of the program.

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