SAS Fundamentals - Part 1

This course is designed for those who are going to use SAS to analyze data and build applications. It will meet the needs of users entirely new to SAS and of those with some SAS experience. The SAS/base product will be covered in detail. The course is version independent.

This course is also available for exclusive, one-company presentations.

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26 May 2021

What is a 'Virtual Classroom Environment'?


What do I need?

  • webcam
  • headphones with microphone
  • sufficient bandwidth, at least 1.5 Mb/s in each direction.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • write SAS programs that can be executed interactively
  • write SAS programs that can be executed in batch.

Who Should Attend

Analysts, programmers, info-center support and experienced end-users. The course is suitable for both mainframe and PC users.


PC and/or mainframe terminal experience and experience with program structures are required.


3 days

Fee (per attendee)

£1710 (ex VAT)

Course Code




SAS features and possibilities; SAS products; program use.

SAS Display Manager

Interactive development of programmes; SAS DM manipulation; SAS standard data libraries.

SAS Language

Syntax; variables; SAS dataset; working concept.

SAS Code

Data Step; SAS instructions; SAS expressions; programme logic; dataset processing: merge, subset.

Date Expressions in SAS and SAS Functions

Use of the SAS functions.

SAS Analysis and Reporting and the Proc Step

Standard reporting (SORT, PRINT, FORMAT); statistics and table on Base SAS level (MEANS, FREQ).

SAS Utility Procedures

Copy; contents; datasets.


Reading data in SAS and data importing in SAS.

Dataset Manipulations


Macro variables

What; why; how to use them.

Additional Procedures


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