SAS Fundamentals - Part 2

This course builds on the subjects taught in the 3-day course 'SAS Fundamentals - Part 1'. Multiple scenarios for building reports are compared based on more specialised procedures, more intelligent code and specialised SAS Base features. The course content is based on a selection of SAS coding techniques for reporting that are very often used by most companies that implement the SAS product. .

This course is also available for exclusive, one-company presentations.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • apply PROC Tabulate creatively
  • apply PROC Report creatively
  • apply the FSP procedures and commands and their options
  • use PROC SQL as an alternative to classic SAS programming
  • consult data in external databases with PROC SQL
  • understand and use the SAS ODS principles
  • adapt the basic Graph procedures (PROC GPLOT, PROC GCHART and PROC GMAP).

Who Should Attend

Analysts, programmers, info-center support and experienced end-users. This course is suitable for both PC and mainframe users.


Participants should have followed the course 'SAS Fundamentals - Part 1' or should have equivalent experience.


3 days

Fee (per attendee)

£1850 (ex VAT)


This includes free online 24/7 access to course notes.


Hard copy course notes are available on request from

at £50.00 plus carriage per set.

Course Code



PROC Tabulate and PROC Transpose

Dimensions; Class; Layout.

PROC Report

Layout; Column; Define.

DATA STEP Coding Revisited

Array; coding loops; creating PUT logic; efficiency and performance; nested dataset reading.


SAS Data Step and Proc Step alternatives; Join; External relational data: view, passthrough.


The SAS ODS pannels; export of SAS output to SAS data sets, HTML pages or flat files.


Concept; graphical features; PROC GCHART; PROC GPLOT; PROC GMAP.

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