Security in the IBM Mainframe Environment

This one-day introductory level course describes and explains the basic security requirements in a z/OS technical environment. The course describes, in easily understandable terms, what resources and functions require security protection, what software is used to provide such protection for the operating system and its associated subsystems. It also explains how security administration is organised and how it is audited and recorded.


On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • identify which mainframe resources should be ptotected
  • explain what a Resource Manager is
  • list the security packages available for the mainframe environment and explain how they are invoked
  • explain what a security package does
  • describe how security administration is best organised
  • explain how data is protected
  • understand how TSO, CICS, DB2 for z/OS and IMS can be protected
  • explain how APF works, and understand its implications.

Who Should Attend

All personnel working in an IBM mainframe based computing environment will benefit from attending this course.


An understanding of the IBM mainframe environment, at a conceptual and terminological level, is required. This can be gained by attending the course IBM z Systems - Explained.


1 day

Fee (per attendee)

£450 (ex VAT)

Course Code



Mainframe Security Basics

What comprises a mainframe environment?: Hardware; Software; z/OS; Which resources need to be protected; Data resources; Other resources; What are Resource Managers?; How is the security package invoked?; What does the security package do?

z/OS Security Administration

How is security admin organised?; Centralised or remote admin?; Protecting data sets and USS files; Controlling access to TSO, CICS, DB2 for z/OS and IMS; Auditing and recording.

z/OS Security Overview

The System Authorisation Facility (SAF) principles; z/OS controls and drivers; What is APF?; Why is APF important?; How is it audited?

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