Using XML with Db2

The XML standard has acquired a great impact on the IT industry and on the way we are all working. It has become the de facto standard for structured data transport, but is also heavily used to store documents in a format-neutral way.

In this course we we will explain the features of XML in combination with Db2 and will present two practical implementation scenarios. As no XML knowledge or experience is required for this session, the course will start with a brief theoretical introduction to XML. Starting from this basic XML knowledge, attendees will gain a clear understanding of the XML features provided by Db2 and, guided by some practical demonstrations, will be able to complete the practical exercises.

This course is available for one-company, on-site presentations.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • list the easy ways to handle XML documents and store the data in Db2
  • explain how to create an XML document using Db2 data
  • describe how a Db2 specialist handles complex XML in the database
  • search efficiently through these XML documents.

Who Should Attend

Db2 developers and DBAs.


A good knowledge of Db2 is expected. No XML knowledge or experience is required.


1 day

Fee (per attendee)

£450 (ex VAT)

Course Code



Practical Sessions

Each technique is illustrated in detail; Opportunity to try everything out through individual exercises.

Introduction to XML

Everything a Db2 developer or DBA should know about XML: elements, attributes, tree structure, DTDs, schemas, etc.

Pure XML

Storing XML documents in tables by using the new Db2 datatype "XML"; Creating XML documents: the functions XMLElement, XMLForest, XMLConcat, XMLAgg, XMLDocument; Validating XML documents: XML Schemas and the Db2 schema repositor; Efficient searching through and modifying of stored XML documents by using Xpath:XMLExists, XMLQuery, and XMLModify.

Storing XML Documents: XColumn

Administration and maintenance of an XML tablespace; Defining indexes on an XML document.

XML Transport of Db2 Data

The most important differences between relational data representation and the XML data model; Sensibly combining of / converting between relational data and XML data; shredding.

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