zSecure Alert Concepts & Facilities

This zSecure class is designed, written and presented by RACF & zSecure specialists. This overview course for zAlert highlights how real-time alerting can be implemented using IBM-supplied Alerts, and shows how to create your own zSecure Alerts.

This course is available for one-company presentations, run live over the Internet via the Virtual Classroom Environment service.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • describe in detail the zSecure Alert product
  • list and describe the installation, configuration and customisation options available
  • explain how to define, test & activate your own alerts.

Who Should Attend

The course is suitable for anyone responsible for implementing or maintaining the zAlert product.


Attendees should have thorough working knowledge of RACF & CARLa or have attended the RSM courses RACF Administration and Auditing and zSecure Basic Admin & Reporting.


1 day

Fee (per attendee)



This includes free online 24/7 access to course notes.


Hard copy course notes are available on request from rsmshop@rsm.co.uk

at £50.00 plus carriage per set.

Course Code




A high-level description of zSecure Alert to set the scene for the remainder of the class.

ISPF Interface

The ISPF interface used for displaying, modifying and managing alerts.

Pre-defined Alerts

Review of the IBM supplied alerts and the customisation options available.

Stage Data Sets

How the stage data sets are used when modifying or creating alerts.

Refreshing zSecure Alert

How to dynamically refresh zAlert after modifications have taken place.

Installation-defined Alerts

How to define and modify your own custom alerts to zSecure Alert.

Extended Monitoring

Extended monitoring and how it can be utilised.


How to debug issues when creating or modifying your own alerts.

Question and Answer Session

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