zSecure Overview

This zSecure overview is designed, written and presented by RACF & zSecure specialists. It provides an introduction to all the major zSecure components, including CARLa, and also explains all of the data sources that can be used by the zSecure components.

This course is only available for one-company presentations, live over the Internet via the Virtual Classroom Environment service.

What you will learn

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • list the zSecure components
  • describe the basic functions of each component
  • describe the data sources used by each component
  • show the user interface for each component.

Who Should Attend

The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in the functionality of zSecure.


Attendees should have a clear understanding of z/OS & RACF at a conceptual level.


1 day

Fee (per attendee)



This includes free online 24/7 access to course notes.


Hard copy course notes are available on request from rsmshop@rsm.co.uk

at £50.00 plus carriage per set.

Course Code



Introduction to zSecure

What is zSecure; what the components are called; a high-level lview of the data sources used by zSecure.

zSecure Admin

Component overview; introduction to Access Monitor & RACF Offline.

zSecure Visual

Component overview; a first look at the client interface.

zSecure CICS Toolkit

Component overview & possible uses.

zSecure Audit

Component overview and first view of sample reports.

zSecure Alert

Component overview & first view of the dataflow for alerts and the results that can be achieved.

zSecure Command Verifier

Component overview and a look at how the controls are implemented.

zSecure CARLa

Overview of CARLa the basis of the majority of functionality provided by the zSecure suite.

Questions and Answer Session

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