z/VM Installation Workshop

This intensive, fast-paced five-day hands-on course will guide the student through a complete build of a z/VM single system, including TCPIP, VSWITCH, RSCS, DIRMAINT, Operations Manager, Performance Toolkit and applying service . It will alsoteach how to carry out a number of common z/VM tasks.
The z/VM system that the student builds will be running 2nd level (as a virtual gust of a z/VM host). This z/VM will behave almost exactly the same as if it were running in an LPAR.
During this build the student will learn many of the common commands used on z/VM, create system volumes, create a cms user and create a simple Linux guest.
There are many samples included in the course documentation, along with some samples of EXECs, hints on common problems, cheat sheets and more.

This course is available for one-comopany, on-site presentations.


On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • understand the concepts of z/VM
  • use and understand the terminology used in z/VM environments
  • use the standard z/VM commands
  • create system volumes
  • create CMS users
  • create a simple Linux guest
  • install z/VM
  • maintain a z/VM system.

Who Should Attend

System z technical staff or interns who wish to understand the setup of a z/VM infrastructure.


Experience of working with 3270 screens and some basic System x editing skills.


5 days

Fee (per attendee)

£1950 (ex VAT)

Course Code



Day 1

Install z/VM; Initial TCPIP setup; Basic CMS; USER DIRECTORY; Create Paging, Spool, Work and tdisk volumes.

Day 2

Create a CMS User; Files and XEDIT; System Config File; IPL Process; Parm Disks; System Logo; VSWITCH; RSCS.

Day 3

DIRMAINT; Performance Toolkit.

Day 4

Operations Manager.

Day 5

Create a Linux Guest; RACFconcepts; System utilities; System maintenance.

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